I've got about $140 worth of Xbox Credit expiring soon:

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User Info: AbstraktProfSC2

2 years ago#11
Child of Light if youve ever liked an RPG
Also, Forza Horizon 2 is a must-buy for me
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User Info: Senel_117

2 years ago#12
I'd recommend Forza Horizon 2 and maybe Shadow of Mordor?

I'm picking them both up for my Birthday
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2 years ago#13
Madden 15 is legit
PowerStar Golf is good fun and simple
Wolfenstein is the best single player FPS Ive played in years
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User Info: CyberEvil

2 years ago#14
Diablo is packed with content and a great game. I would also recommend Battlefield 4 and Premium for it. The game is amazing and the initial problems the game had have long since been fixed.
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

2 years ago#15
madden after a price drop.....im disappointed but i love football.....Ea should be ashamed that they put very little into every new version
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User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

2 years ago#16
oldhbk76 posted...
I got my credit printed out on Gamestop recipt does that expire ?

Credit you buy never runs out. Credit that you win (xbl rewards, bing rewards, contest, etc...) does
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User Info: boolzero

2 years ago#17
Shadows of Mordor... Comes out at the end of September... That and Destiny will be my three purchases for the month along with Shadow Warrior which I had a blast with on Steam so much so that I map willing to buy it again for console when it releases on console sometime in September!
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User Info: Bigdaddy422

2 years ago#18
Madden 15 is great. I havnt bought a madden in years, so maybe my impressions are based off of not playing madden since 07' but the game is fun.
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User Info: WOT BS

2 years ago#19
Dead lord_rye posted...
Dead rising 3.

Great game, especially with a friend.
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User Info: jhilley123

2 years ago#20
shadow of mordor is really a strategic game I would say you would be able to pre order for mid September release September 30 and if your not sure about forza there releasing a demo mid september
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