Why no Forza Horizon 2 on the poll of the day?

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This is sonyfaqs, that's why no FH2.
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Shadows of Mordor isn't on it either, I just imagine it's because they come out on the 30th, so late into September
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So according to some this means that Hyrule Warriors will end up selling more than Destiny.

Lol, I swear, if this means the Wii U not only leads but also gets further away from the Xbox One, this board is just going to explode ;)

It wouldn't be a big deal but if it sold more than Destiny that would be funny. I mean Destiny is really hyped and comes out on multiple systems(not the Wii U though). It's going to be PS4>Xbox One>Wii U when all is said and done(regardless of small victories by whoever at certain points).

Agreed on the PS4 > Xbox One > Wii U probably set in stone next year.

But if the Wii U really manages to get some good games out this fall, we will still have PS4 > Wii U > Xbox One for a few more months.

Expect a whole lot of drama on the Xbox One board, some on the Wii U board as well.