Exclusives is the most important aspect and Xbox One gets a flawless victory

#201supermegabloxPosted 8/31/2014 4:53:56 PM
if exclusives really did sell consoles, the wii u would be in first place, the xbox one in second place and the ps4 in third place.
and the vita would be dominating the 3ds.
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astutecollie posted...
Warsuh posted...
Btw 9 of those games aren't exclusive.

Pc doesnt count totally different audience. I dont know a single console gamer that owns a gaming pc too.

By that dumb logic lbp3 isnt exclusive either.

Consoles are exclusive machines, as PC does multiplats better.
Therefore when talking about exclusives, PC gamers are more likely to purchase a PS4 as seemingly all of Microsoft's exclusives come to PC anyway this gen.

For the record I don't consider either console worth owning at the moment, and I've never liked Naughty Dog's stuff so I might not buy a PS4 at all.
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I love reassurance topics.
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supermegablox posted...
if exclusives really did sell consoles, the wii u would be in first place, the xbox one in second place and the ps4 in third place.
and the vita would be dominating the 3ds.

Quite the alternate dimension that would be. Could you imagine, the Wii U winning this gen.
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RedJacket200 posted...
I love reassurance topics.

"Exclusives!" "Sales!" "Resolution!" "Online!"

Let's be honest, this entire console war has been reassurance after reassurance from both sides.
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So....fable, crackdown, and sunset overdrive.....yeah not lookin so hot bud.

Id mention killer instinct....but paying for most characters....gtfooh.

XBOX almost had me until that...that and the $100 forced priced tag for the kinect that no game is totally utilizing yet or will be for a few years.
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Nice to see this topic still going! Bravo TC. if there is one thing ponies hate it's truth like this. To the people doubting me when I said PS4 is going to be sonys console.....I was going to post the proof in here, but I think I'll just make my own thread. Don't want to take TC's shine here

Incoming salt!!
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L4YER_CAKE posted...
Another strong moment for the Xbox One board.


Srs guys really wish xbox one would sell 10 mil as well, so then we don't have to have to see xbox reassurance topics EVERY GOD DAM DAY. We get it your console is way behind and feel the need to justify your purchase to strangers online.

Also a lot of people do have a PC too, it's seems more then half of your exclusives go to PC.

I know you think these topics help but they just make you look ...... Desparate.

This is coming from someone who does not own any next gen console yet because of the lack of good games, and backlog of old systems.

I will get a ps4 at Christmas. To play dragon age and witcher, while waiting for ff type 0 and ff15.

Only reason I'm getting a ps4 is because I like Japanese games and Rpg more, and in long run Sony will have more, also last gen in the long run I put 3x the hours into the ps3 then xbox.

Consoles hardware and sales mean nothing to my purchase..

Tl;dr be happy with your purchase and play your games
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