Why does Anita Sarkeesian ignore male problems in gaming?

#11PudgeisafishPosted 8/31/2014 10:18:15 AM
BDJayce posted...
My opinion on things like this is..

If you want games like that: get out there, get the education required, and make the game. Don't sit around and complain because the people who have the power to do so create games a certain way.

Seriously isn't everything she argues about against the first amendment or something? "Oh no! Video games I have no control in aren't to my standards!!"

The average gamers are men so it makes a certain level of sense that women would be 'objectified'. They aren't trying to get women gamers, they're trying to get more horny teenage boy gamers.

That being said every year there seems to be more games with strong female leads so suck it up.

Plus wasn't she confirmed as a liar claiming to be a gamer when she has very little experience with actual games? She's basically a tumblr feminist who has broke out of tumblr and started messing with gamers.

Sorry that was all off-topic I think but yeah Anita is a feminist, in the broadest sense of the word, and the type of feminist that she is couldn't care less about 'male problems in gaming'.

Totally agree.

And BD, sorry for your loss.