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Is it really possible for Lizard Squad to take down Xbox Live permanently?
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GodOfPonies6712/25 11:14AM
The design of this consoles power button is preposterous...
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Andronicus874912/25 11:14AM
xbl down?
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mike4683712/25 11:13AM
Well I have been a solo player long enoughHidan623212/25 11:12AM
There was a problem with the update.
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Darkitachi541612/25 11:11AM
My 360 live is working but not my X1????
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Foreman221512/25 11:10AM
So i just got an xbox one for Xmas...pellequin512/25 11:07AM
Can someone explain why Sony would release The Interview on XB1 and not PS4?Y34RX3R0412/25 11:07AM
Is Titanfall worth a pickup anymore?Game__Raider512/25 11:07AM
oohhh yeeaahhh it's xmas lolAndronicus87112/25 11:05AM
So Xbox live and psn is down today??C L I C K212/25 11:05AM
Can I start a new game offline?SpiritLink0512/25 11:02AM
With XBL down I had no idea digital games couldn't be played
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jmac16862412/25 10:58AM
For those of you who actually celebrate Xmas how many of you game on Xmas day?thepenguin55412/25 10:55AM
Why is Xbox Live down?
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Jx10101112/25 10:54AM
Can't even update console.Mcnugget2256112/25 10:47AM
The Interview (stars) = ***
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DRmoeller1412/25 10:46AM
Its not just XBL their whole website has been shut down try to go to xbox.comAndronicus87812/25 10:46AM
Since XBL is down, what games do you like to play offline?That_Damn_Kid112/25 10:44AM
The Elder Scrolls Online Is Officially Coming Into Next-Gen Consoles Next Year
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That_Damn_Kid2312/25 10:44AM