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This stream choppy for anyone else? (Archived)
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MrImpatient35161/21 10:26AM
I don't like Destiny but this live stream IGN has going right now looks good. (Archived)AttackOnTitan11/21 10:24AM
My Backlog is OVER 9000! (Archived)AttackOnTitan61/21 10:06AM
is tomb raider still worth getting (Archived)shads305521/21 10:06AM
State of Decay Year One Survival Edition Developer Commentary (Archived)AttackOnTitan61/21 10:04AM
Any hype on battlefront? (Archived)
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GGooDD181/21 9:59AM
I have 15 games, and I have 85.7% used storage. (Archived)
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Death_Of_Effie231/21 9:58AM
as long as my profile is on my brothers xbox one he can download any of my games (Archived)Nintendo198921/21 9:49AM
Name a popular game series that you've never played? (Archived)
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Roo821101/21 9:31AM
PSA: see a history of IP addresses that tried to access your account (Archived)bgwilly255101/21 9:10AM
Xbox Live still down? (Archived)sonicteam2k1101/21 9:10AM
Microsoft will be laying out the path of the future of gaming tomorrow (Archived)
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leelee3105251/21 9:01AM
Fate Bringer (Archived)agentmanto61/21 9:00AM
Sega should make a Vectorman game for the Xbox One (Archived)N3xtG3nGam3r81/21 8:53AM
Question about elder scrolls online (Archived)allan24731/21 8:44AM
Capcom has definitely lost face in recent years but... (Archived)
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PostModernMartr311/21 8:21AM
Is Ori and The Blind Forest going to be Xbox's "Journey" (Archived)
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_Doomguy_171/21 7:59AM
Ok so I'm an idiot, I sent back my power brick with my console for repair (Archived)fkdfeller61/21 7:18AM
EA is slowly turning my mind about Battlefield Hardline almost a day one buy (Archived)
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zerooo0231/21 7:02AM
The one thing I really love about today's games no one talks about is immersion (Archived)
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known2FAIL111/21 6:22AM