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2 years ago#1
Having a bit of trouble getting the mic to work with my adapter on my x12's. I have the USB plugged in and the green cord going to the controller adapter. I hear sound and I can my voice in my headset, but nobody in game can hear me. The pink cord (which I thought was the mic) is not plugged in to anything. Is there some sort of adapter that is required to make the green and pink cords plug into the one slot on tha controller adapter?

Before I bought the adapter I had the headphones hooked up directly to my tv to get sound. I bought the adapter today hoping it would enable the mic to work.

Starting to think I should of just bought the XO7's...
2 years ago#2
I don't know how the adapter handles sound but if it is a combo jack then a Y splitter/adapter would work.

How do analog headsets get audio from the XB1 without the use of a mixamp?
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2 years ago#3
I got it worked out now. Found the cable from the control block on the headset that goes to the controller. I lose quality in sound pretty substantially from the way I had it hooked up to my tv before. It's pretty much not worth the sound quality loss. Think I'm going to get the XO7's and return this adapter.

Only reason I tried it was because the guy at GameStop said it would work, but no mention in sound quality loss. The freaking chat button on the x12's now control the sound volume and the bass boost/game sound do nothing.
2 years ago#4
In case someone runs into the same issue as me, instead of plugging it directly into the xbox USB I put it back into my tv and the sound is back to being great. I have control of bass boost/game sound now and can chat.
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