Who is a casual gamer? good read.

#1sanas_thirituPosted 9/3/2014 9:47:13 AM
There are a lot of definitions of the fabled casual gamer and I find all of them wrong. Imo, this below is the most accurate description of the casual gamer

Casual gamer is a person who enjoys games with less depth and thinks it's perfectly ok to think a very simple input game like flappy bird is the best game ever made.

Casual gamer is also a person who says 'but I don't have the patience and don't want to spend all that time to play this complex rpg all the way to the end'. I might just play a little cod here and there.

A hardcore gamer is a person who plays through and enjoys immensely a complicated non mmo rpg and tries to complete all side quests as well.

A hardcore gamer is also someone who looks for more in a game than jumping over obstacles or pew pew pew.

Agree or disagree?
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#2Jptremblay13Posted 9/3/2014 9:52:43 AM
Casual gamer is someone who casually game.

Hardcore gamer is also known as a virgin or basement dweller
#3Shadow CloudPosted 9/3/2014 9:52:53 AM
Agreed somewhat.

Casual - someone who play games occasionally and don't keep up with gaming news aside from games that has heavy marketing behind it.

Hardcore - someone who follows gaming news closely and when he plays a game he enjoys, he wants to understand all the intricacies.
#4SizableMattressPosted 9/3/2014 9:54:25 AM
I think casual gamers are people who aren't very competitive about their games and who don't devote a certain percentage of their time or money into gaming.
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#5cmincPosted 9/3/2014 10:02:53 AM
I play hardcore games casually, but ive never been hardcore about a casual game.
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#6ChiliPupPosted 9/3/2014 10:06:05 AM
Jptremblay13 posted...
Hardcore gamer is also known as a virgin or basement dweller

Unless they're not a virgin, nor a basement dweller... but they still enjoy hardcore gaming.


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#7kidwgmPosted 9/3/2014 10:06:59 AM
Disagree. A gamer is a gamer.
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#8MrDude1Posted 9/3/2014 10:19:49 AM
a casual gamer is one who only plays fps and hate on other genres like jrpg, fighting, platforming, etc.
#9AWarAmp84Posted 9/3/2014 10:24:24 AM
kidwgm posted...
Disagree. A gamer is a gamer.

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#10cheezedadadaPosted 9/3/2014 10:37:21 AM
There really isn't a definition for hardcore or casual gamer. I avoid using the terms because they really don't mean anything and each person will interpret them differently. To me, you either play games or you don't.
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