Xbox One out now in Japan, watch out PS4!

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Lol.You can just feel the excitement.
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Lmfao so much fail going on.
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i lost it lmao.
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What is funny is that the PS4 is only selling 5k a week in Japan so it doesn't really matter to MS how xbox one does there.
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SigmaLongshot posted...
Any reasonable person would see the relatively dated, xenophobic hatred of past western devices and see that literally more people pirate games over purchasing new xbox hardware out of nationalistic principles...

Yet the iPhone is quite popular in Japan which shows that they don't object to the Xbox due to nationalism and xenophobia but rather because they just don't like the system.
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Ahahahaha, that's so hilarious. Japan owning the Xbone like a boss... by not owning the Xbone.
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Was that really the line for launch?
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