WHY is Xbox ridiculously unpopular in Japan?

#81Miiri0Posted 9/4/2014 5:37:55 PM
Xbone IS inferior than PS4.



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A better question is why is the Xbox one ridiculously unpopular in the US? The sales say as much.
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3sixchambers posted...
A better question is why is the Xbox one ridiculously unpopular in the US? The sales say as much.

Because of the Sony Defense Force populating every comment section, every forum, and literally everywhere people even hint about games. You mention videogames and a Sony Pony pops up like a flea to trumpet how vastly superior it is than Xbox One and how Microsoft are evil greedy demons, while Sony love you and do everything just for you.

Sad fact is the majority of people are easily led sheep, and all it takes is that force being everywhere to sway simple minds when they are looking into what to get. Same reason Frozen won so many awards when there were clearly far superior animated films out that year. Popular Opinion rules, and Sony Ponies have made sure that when someone even THINKS about consoles...one of them is there to pimp Sony and diss MS.

Between MS's missteps early on and Sony Defense Force running harder than Thomas The Train on PCP, it's not surprising Sony took such a commanding early lead.
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and before a pony pops up to(ironically) state that PS4 is more powerful and that's why it's more popular.....

PS2(Xbox was superior in specs) and the dead even sales of PS3 and Xbox 360, not to mention all the terrible multiplats PS3 had for the first 3 or 4 years.....These would like a word with you fellows.

PS2 itself proved that specs don't matter and So did Xbox 360 trouncing PS3 for the majority of their lifespans. And then there was Wii and most of the early Nintendos.

Simple fact is Sony fans FOR ONCE have an edge in power and the possibiity of better exclusives....they are like children that just got a new toy and have to tell everyone how much better it is than their toys. It's really sad....especially since most of them spent so many years on the other side of the fence being the "losers", so they are compensating by bragging to an obscene level.
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