Free game with Xbox One purchase

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2 years ago#11
If I didn't have a ps4 I would have jumped all over this deal.
2 years ago#12
L96A1BOSS posted...
I think people are waiting until M$ start giving away the whole box to move units at retail.

It's gonna be a great Christmas this year, that's for sure.
2 years ago#13
I'm not purchasing an Xbox One till November when Master Chief Collection comes out so I will pass on this, but thanks for bringing it to our attention.
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Greatest line in a NES game ever: "Kill all babies" from Exodus.
2 years ago#14
ALSO! People in the UK can get an Xbone with Destiny and Halo:MCC for 350:
2 years ago#15
Man, literally just heard about this deal THIS morning, after purchasing my xbone LAST NIGHT!

Sometimes I honestly think that Online is the WORST thing that ever happened to gaming.
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