LMAO, look at all the trolls trying to spin Microsoft's generosity.XD

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Yeah they are looking to move units let's not fool ourselves but I have to hand it to them its a smart move cause this will get ppl to buy the system cause everyone loves free stuff.
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If they were so "generous", why aren't they giving a free game to everyone? Oh right, they want to sell more consoles.

And your being fooled if you think Sony is any better in fact since there selling the most they are worse.

He never brought up Sony, bud. All companies want money and no company cares for the people that purchase from them. Where did he say anything about Sony liking their customers? Like I have said many times, even children know that companies only care to make profit.

Take off your fanboy blinders and read what he write again, it doesn't mention Sony.

Didn't say he did bring up Sony, that was more direct everyone. Basically what I'm saying is all companies are there to make money and your stupid if you think otherwise.

Dude every one knows this, apparently, besides TC.

Yeah but you know peoples stupidity amazes me sometimes. And I've seen more than a few of these topics to know he not the only one.