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Xbox one now cheaper than ps4 in Canada. (Archived)gumbyxcore9955/13 8:37PM
Super Time Force out May 14th! (Archived)
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I want to play a new main Sonic the Hedgehog game on Xbox One already (Archived)
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Kinect-less XBOne is overshadowing Subscription required Games with Gold. (Archived)
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Rockstar Games to release a PS4/Xbox One game by March 2015 (Archived)zerooo065/13 8:29PM
Microsoft Xbox one interface will change in the coming months (Archived)LEGEND_KILLERRR15/13 8:27PM
Lets wait till E3 before we call the Kinect "dead" (Archived)
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Do you use your X1 for Blu-ray movies? (Archived)
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Which version of Watch Dogs are you getting ? (Poll)
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I don't have a problem with a kinectless bundel but.... (Archived)Hidan62365/13 7:46PM
I am in favor of kinectless - but doesn't this make Microsoft look weak? (Archived)Gunvalkyrie2105/13 7:42PM
Never Back Down III: The Backdown (Archived)aj4x9425/13 7:41PM
Huh, looks like the U.K is getting shafted with the price. (Archived)DEMONPANDA21275/13 7:39PM
MS can 180 as much as they like, i rather have a wii U (Archived)
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Do you think the next XBOX will try and force KINECT 3.0 on us again? (Poll)
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Should it still be called an XBOX - "One"? (Poll)
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