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How come X1 version of games are more darker than the PS4 versions?dolabla910/18 4:32AM
I still dont understand why MS doesnt utilize Rare's IPs
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All in a Weekends Work! What part 3! What is on your gaming agenda this weekend?
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Halo MCC: best bang for your buck since the Orange Box?
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Has anyone preorder an Xbox One on Amazon?supdawg222610/18 2:33AM
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Will my US Xbox One work in Japan?danl0134610/18 12:23AM
Limbo outed for Xbone release...
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Well it's official... I am broke and want the AC Xbox One bundle...Valkyriareaper1210/17 10:42PM
Loving the new Snap features.
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Xbox One outsold PlayStation 4 last month, according to analyst estimate
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That_Damn_Kid15810/17 10:29PM
Is it normal for the Xbox One fan to keep working when you turn the console off?Hucast9310/17 10:22PM
how does the referral system work for myrewards?Mr_Lightbulb710/17 9:32PM
will you always stay monogamous to x1? or will you eventually try other systems? (Poll)
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I fixed my xbox by hitting it!!
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Add me I need friends...
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Need help with promotionspemsha110/17 8:38PM
Xbox One booted in 640x480 resolution O_oCammyApple510/17 8:23PM