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xbox one, should I buy it?
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Problem with achievement showcasejosh924511/23 1:17AM
Headset/Chat HelpLandonio211/23 1:13AM
Diablo 3 - $20Strav23511/23 12:24AM
PS4 owner looking to buy an Xbox OneRubMyDucky511/23 12:19AM
Xbox Live Gold members get a 15% Discount for Sunset Overdrive now till Monday.Pizzatarian511/23 12:08AM
So its 12:03 est and I still have access to sunset overdrive
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jpraelster1211/22 11:37PM
I have a ACIV Black Flag digital download code that I would like to trade. (Closed)
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I hope that they make a Castlevania Lords of Shadow game for new genHucast9311/22 10:59PM
Is it time to buy an Xbox One (Video) is a joke. Here's why, come on in...kereke12911/22 10:50PM
does dragon age inquisition and farcry 4 require a online passlordsofshadow611/22 10:38PM
Biggest fear with going digital only.
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Xbox One owners who are also PS4 owners, help me...
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DROSS1311/22 10:06PM
What's the next Day 1 purchase you're going to make?
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The Dragon Inquisition is getting good reviews!
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Ryan-061811/22 9:52PM
So if Halo went multiplat, would it beat Call of Duty in terms of sales?Spade21X1011/22 9:44PM
Day One Themejpraelster811/22 9:36PM
3DS early adopters get 20 games, X1 early adopters get Limbo
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Megamushroom6661711/22 9:28PM
Are there any headphones for Xbox One that dont suck?Slayer813311/22 9:18PM
How many people here got or are getting the X1 because of recent deals? (Poll)
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calinks1311/22 8:51PM