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will this have cell phone pricing like they did with the xbox 360 last christmas (Archived)Nobo36/7/2013
Anyone know if the HDDs will be proprietary? (Archived)LICKWIDPAlN56/7/2013
You know what bothers me? (Archived)
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All the people claiming everyone is going to buy a Xbox One anyways (Archived)CricketJones36/7/2013
The only thing at this point that will make me buy an Xbox One... (Archived)leon_trunks46/7/2013
Monday is E3 & Xbox 1 will be first to die...(please read) (Archived)TheRobFish956/7/2013
Maybe Microsoft should listen to this guy after all... (Archived)Furikuri_flcl56/7/2013
I WAS actually confused about the name. (Archived)TroutPaste66/7/2013
So is the used game policy is pretty much the same as PS4? (Archived)
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Okay, I'm a little confused about the family friendliness... (Archived)
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How can the Xbox One even be called a gaming console? (Archived)
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lets face it, the xb1 is going to sell very well. (Archived)
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I'm not getting an xbox one but this board kind of feels like this... (Archived)
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Who here actually knows someone who will get a xbone? (Archived)
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Halo, I bid you a very fond farewell. (Archived)
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If PS4 has the same restrictions...(Poll) (Poll)
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That explain a lot of whats going on here (Archived)Greivor26/7/2013
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All this nonsense about Xbox One.... (Archived)GrandMast3r76/7/2013
Family Plan or Kinect is False (Archived)Darkotsu16/7/2013