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how long do you play before having to recharge x1 controller?kcudytsur211/4/2014
Just bored and looking for opinions (Glossy vs Matte)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Well, if browsing add ons wasn't completely....Zetaspawn111/4/2014
Seriously considering getting the CoD:AW special edition console...SockzForWokz711/4/2014
My xbox is off but I hear faint noise from power blockTheReckoner811/4/2014
Regarding the new COD *blech* (warning: opinions inside!)Illogical_Poet511/4/2014
Xbox One recent price drop (yet again)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
can someone invite me to the preview programSHADOW0106811/4/2014
Last chance to get Titanfall for $25 + $6.25 Season Pass. Sale ends today!!!!!!!
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Cows Go Hisssss2411/4/2014
Eligible to download the Gold games without the use of a cc?DeadlyRaiden511/4/2014
In regards to COD AW, you can tell who has, and who hasn't played the game.StealthedGhost511/4/2014
Murdered Soul Suspect - $25Xeeh_Bitz911/4/2014
SUNSET OVERDRIVE second in UK chartzerooo0311/3/2014
Possibly changing Dragon Age: Inquisition Pre-orderzzazzgamer1011/3/2014
How is the official play and charge kit?XNo_FearX911/3/2014
Will Microsoft release a second wave of the SSO bundurus?dodgekk9311/3/2014
Is it possiblehorror_spooky411/3/2014
Anyone with Stealth 500x headset have trouble updating the transmitter?PunchTheKeys211/3/2014
Still a way to mute all?Brandy1977311/3/2014
Had my xbox one 3 days.......love itshaunme311/3/2014
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