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POLL: How will rental/used game businesses react to the confirmed X1 DRM? (Poll)
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As a Parent, will XBOX one have a BABYSITTER game? (Archived)NCPwn56/6/2013
300,000 live servers? NOPE (Archived)
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So how does an individual sell his game to someone else? (Archived)
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It's Official: Xbox One Game Rentals Not Possible, Fees Nixed, 24 Hour Check-In (Archived)
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Can Games save the XBOX One? (Poll)NeoMonk16/6/2013
wait. the one hour thing (Archived)
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Your friends can borrow your games,if they're on your FL for 30 days! (Archived)
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What about the DRM? (Archived)Badreview76/6/2013
I was just thinking...I hope everybody here is rich as hell (Archived)
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Official Sony Response to MS' DRM detais (Archived)
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Selling the Xbone console itself might just get awkward (Archived)favcitadelstore36/6/2013
Will Call of Duty be able to be resold? (Archived)darkphoenix18126/6/2013
Can only sell games to people on friendslist is a joke. I don't have friends!!! (Archived)gamingman43106/6/2013
I was going to make a documentary film about Xbox One... (Archived)Knight_Rider_3K16/6/2013
good news for xbox fans! (Archived)ninja_starX46/6/2013
Welp, time to join the master race everyone! (Archived)Furikuri_flcl36/6/2013
Sony wins! As long as they..... (Archived)wolfycookie26/6/2013
If MS isn't getting a cut on Resold games... Then (Archived)
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So used games are up to the publishers (Archived)darkphoenix18126/6/2013