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Will Titanfall beat the Halo franchise? (Archived)skermac51/8/2014
What is your favorite game so far and what game are you most hyped for? (Archived)
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Will sales of Titanfall be affected because it comes from EA? (Archived)skermac51/8/2014
Just so to be clear. (Archived)AshWilliams7871/8/2014
Sales sales sales sales Titanfall (Archived)Big Fan11/8/2014
Evolve (Archived)Dev44561/8/2014
Anyone excited for Thief? (Archived)
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Stop Caring About the Stupid Sales (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Titianfall..... (Archived)CMoney00330071/8/2014
Everyone needs to learn from this. (Archived)NewMoonShadow11/8/2014
Nintendo needs to learn its place and get an XBOX One. (Archived)
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So what happens in Titanfall when two people on one team use Smart Pistols? (Archived)TMOG61/8/2014
MS should have sticked to their original idea for XB1. (Archived)jasomramirez66671/8/2014
I have 2 questions about the Xbone... (Archived)
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This topic isn't about Titanfall (Archived)bushidoblitzz71/8/2014
I'm so stupid I accidentally uninstalled dead rising 3 (Archived)NightMareBunny101/8/2014
maybe we should read name this board to Titanfalls (Archived)djwagon51/8/2014
To apolgize for my accidental troll (Archived)yutterh31/8/2014
TitanFall is fine guys... (Archived)
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PS4 vs Xbox One the most outlandish Xbox One review ever? 10/10 (Archived)robcram11/8/2014
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