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So what happens to all the fancy TV features when negotiations with cable dies? (Archived)Aceviper25/23/2013
you know what we need? next gen guitar hero... with kinect! (Archived)
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A video representation of this board right now (Archived)Second_Hokage45/23/2013
Who will be the mascot for the xbox one? (Poll)
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2 questions about Xbox One. (Archived)Blazakenki95/23/2013
To those of you still using SDTVs... (Archived)
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I can already watch tv and play games to NOT WATCH TV! (Archived)VandorLee35/23/2013
Does the Kinect have to be on even if the the system is off? (Archived)
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I was all Xbox 360. Bought all my games and defended it. (Archived)
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I'm going to love the influx of noobies on this board when this gets released (Archived)TehPwnzerer35/23/2013
What's the target demographic? (Archived)
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this system will be easy to buy at launch.. maybe (Archived)NinjaGamer_2325/23/2013
So, sony is betting it all on the American market? (Archived)Flippyman85/23/2013
Xbox One Appreciation Topic (Archived)turtles123635/23/2013
Will we see more Xbox One features at E3? (Archived)PenguinKoala95/23/2013
M$ is done. There's no coming back from this. (Archived)
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i know why they made it so you cant borrow from friends (Archived)pyrokinesis66645/23/2013
what if you have a lisp? (Archived)VandelayInc95/23/2013
I would love to buy a $500 box that helps me watch tv and make skype calls! (Archived)
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