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Is it true there will be a charge for playing used games? :O (Archived)WhiteWolf33865/24/2013
XBO will makes us better lovers I guess (Archived)celanthil15/24/2013
I'll buy an Xbone when I can mod it. (Archived)
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They should have just named this Microsoft HES. (Archived)Kazuhira0765/24/2013
Anyone from Austrailia want to share an account? (Archived)BraveDogBFG15/24/2013
How come you Xbrony's can't stand Nintendo/Sony is better than MS? (Archived)CloudStrife63085/24/2013
I've happened across an article that better explains the used game situation... (Archived)
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OK, let's assume for one moment that they care... (Archived)YukitoRambo35/24/2013
Playing on other ppl's accounts (Archived)userfrigginame65/24/2013
What happens if I get " Red Light Of Death " ? (Archived)
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Xbox One or Ps4 (Archived)
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Assuming that all these rumors so far about the X1 are false then... (Archived)
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So this is one of the main reasons why they want us to stay online...? (Archived)
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So xboxOne is america only.... All other consoles are worldwide, even PC (Archived)
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Xbox one 35 pound activation fee (Archived)
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It's Friday. PR 101 says (Archived)DaProphecy8425/24/2013
xbox one is going to be amazing (Archived)The_Man_On_Fire95/24/2013
Don Mattrick: "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards" (Archived)IloveslimesOMG35/24/2013
So is this the end of Gamestop ? (Archived)
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Heres whats going to happen (Poll)
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