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Is there a reason to actually own one of these at this point mind you that I hav (Archived)Yuniuninuniun35/14/2014
Want to Know Why I Hate Kinect? (Archived)Enclave25/14/2014
Xbox one with kinect resale value just took a $100 hit (Archived)BBQMoosehead75/14/2014
The new Kinect-less X1 is a good idea (Archived)MORTARlON75/14/2014
still not getting one till xmas or a year from last month lol (Archived)Andronicus8725/14/2014
792 p a joke? (Archived)
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I'm surprised the $399 XBOX model didn't shoot up to the top of Amazon.. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Full Throttle195/14/2014
I'm still happy (Archived)
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Wolfenstein will have a big day one patch (Archived)Aceviper85/14/2014
How do you tilt the Kinect? (Archived)Virtual_Console65/14/2014
Anyone else think MS is going to quietly kill the "Cloud" talk next? (Archived)
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Look on the bright side...Greatness Awaits (Archived)jellybeanmaster15/14/2014
Did Microsoft damage any of your property? (Archived)
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Benefit of the kinect less One (Archived)L0Z55/14/2014
Any other Kinect fans out there feel like their investment has diminished? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
$399 bundle? (Archived)d3z1i0b65/14/2014
Why is no one talking about STF!! (Archived)
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Can you guys name all the 180's Microsoft has done since their showing at E3? (Archived)
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Just wish DICE would get it together (Archived)Hidan62345/14/2014
[Kinect Thred] Some positives may have come from this (Archived)
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