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Do you think Xbox One will be the better system for multiplatform games over PS4 (Archived)
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forza 5 or need for speed rivals?? (Archived)WALKWITME511/26/2013
Xbox One giving Sony free advertising (Archived)D_Lewis21211/26/2013
If you don't want Monetization in your video games. Don't buy games like Forza 5 (Archived)
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I like the look and bulkiness of the Xbox One. (Archived)shotgunheadshot711/26/2013
Xbox One's in stock at City Target in Beverly Hills (Archived)
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The Champ1811/26/2013
Now Microsoft is reading your skype conversations. (Archived)
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Which controller do you like better? (Poll)TheGam3925611/26/2013
Broken X1? Every cloud... (Archived)AIRBORNE_uk1011/26/2013
anyway to transfer your gamesave to a flashdrive (Archived)cloelea111/26/2013
Saving save data to the cloud? (Archived)zshippozx311/26/2013
Do you think XBOX One's more than 1 million sold is more impressive than PS4's? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2111/26/2013
Plugged in a usb stick to watch a movie clip - where can I find it? (Archived)delt31611/26/2013
Joined this gen of gaming today. I think I made the right choice. (Archived)
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OK, this is kind of cute. (Archived)dnmt611/26/2013
I give 9/10 to the Xbox One (Archived)geovanicaon611/26/2013
Should I play my XOne or just sell it? (Archived)EternalHatred511/26/2013
Compatible Headsets (Archived)charlton3k211/26/2013
How do you check the battery level on the xone controller? (Archived)leViticus0211/26/2013
Xbox 360.5 vs. Xbox One (Poll)Webmaster4531711/26/2013