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It looks like my VCR/DVD recorder (and that's the only positive thing I can say) (Archived)DMCdriver25/22/2013
Flashback to 2006..... (Archived)aj4x9415/22/2013
Xbox One will be successful, but not for the right reasons. (Archived)GoombaX85/22/2013
LOL I told my mom what M$'s doing & shes pissed. She doesn't even like games (Archived)
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so Phil Harrison is still secretly working for Sony, destroying M$ from inside? (Archived)enigmatic alex25/22/2013
Even More Advertisements (Poll)
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Another important question....WHY Kinect all the time? (Archived)
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wait a min (Archived)Zeta889025/22/2013
With such a focus on the NFL deal, what do they have in store for non NA markets (Archived)Aceviper55/22/2013
{}xxxxx{}:::::::::::::::::::> RIP Microsoft <::::::::::::::::::::{}xxxxx{} (Archived)
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Uhh..What if someone on TV says XBox Off, Then your kinect would turn off?? (Poll)
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Do you think Xbox One games will use cloud computing like simcity used it? (Archived)Aceviper25/22/2013
i dont really care how much diff in power between xbox 1 and ps4 for this reason (Archived)Darkneo2035/22/2013
Angry Joe is ******* upset about the Xbox One. (Archived)
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Did Sony just get everything right or did Microsoft get everything wrong? (Archived)
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this console looks terrible (Archived)wowkirin45/22/2013
Ir's things like this that's going to make the XBox One win (Archived)IcyFlamez9695/22/2013
Xbox One for Sale (available now!) (Archived)
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Who would rather wait for Xbox One.Five? (Archived)LittleYami25/22/2013
some kid was telling me it wasn't online all the time anymore. (Archived)
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