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Sunset Overdrive confirmed for fall 2014 (Archived)BoomerHelll45/8/2014
GPU question on Triangle Rate and Vertex Rate for Xbox One (Archived)
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Does anyone else choose their console based on how it looks? (Archived)
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Future of Unreal Tournament stream starts in a couple of minutes (Archived)ElPolloDiablo8745/8/2014
Why is there no money to be made making consoles? (Archived)
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YOUR TV setup; can you tell the difference between 720p/1080p? (Archived)
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what games do you wish u never bought. so far (Archived)
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will there be any skateboarding games with online multiplayer? (Archived)reptileegg75/8/2014
most people don't come on Gamefaqs. (Archived)reptileegg105/8/2014
Phantom dust 2 wow dust off my xbox1!!! (Archived)JsmokedYA85/8/2014
Sunset Overdrive's style is the direction that Xbox should head in (Archived)Dark World Ruler65/8/2014
[Gameinformer] Meet Watch Dogs Miscreants And Malefactors (Archived)Dev44525/8/2014
C/D This is the most accurate list for the best three controllers ever. (Archived)
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I got lucky and found a TitanFall bundle still for sale (Archived)Spartan534775/8/2014
Never Alone (puzzle/adventure based on Native Alaskan folklore) (Archived)scoobydoobydont25/8/2014
What character would fit this music (Poll)Mobius1Rising55/8/2014
If you went back in time, which AAA games would you buy again from this gen? (Archived)ImThe8thWonder55/8/2014
Dead rising 3 sells 1.2 million copies (Archived)BoomerHelll105/8/2014
Anyone as excited for Fantasia: Music Evolved as I am? (Archived)
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Fav game of all time? (Archived)
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