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can you record live tv on the xbox one? (Archived)
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will there ever be a realistic war game, maybe on X1? (Archived)
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Your list of VERY best games for each console you've played. (Archived)
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anyone love mirrors edge so much you will buy xbox one for mirrors 2 (Archived)pyrokinesis66665/30/2013
Xone as in 'zone' is the best name. (Archived)Kovalchuk_55/30/2013
Phonetically, "Xone" sounds a lot like "Zune." (Archived)MlREFOX85/30/2013
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Everyone needs to stop writing off xone completely until after E3 (Archived)
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About 4% of GameFAQs users are planning on getting an Xbox One by the end of (Archived)
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Countdown to E3 2013: Microsoft Hype Thread (Archived)
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FIFA and CoD will sell millions and push Xbox One sales through the roof. (Archived)
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