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Apparently the Xbox One's reveal united SONY and Nintendo fanboys (Archived)
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Let's come up with Xbox One Slogans. (Archived)
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How cheap would this thing have to be for you to consider a purchase? (Archived)
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Can some show me were MS stated ALL games have to be installed? (Archived)WhiteSkull65/22/2013
Will people really buy Xbox One if can't sell your used games? (Archived)
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This is why they named it Xbox One right here... take a look (Archived)iPhoneGameGuy25/22/2013
People sure turned on this thing fast (Archived)
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Can people hold on one second and wait till the console is out (Archived)
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This thing will change for launch right? (Archived)
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Remember when sony fanboys... (Archived)kiljaeden105/22/2013
Rumor: Performance issues in the Xbox One causes bigger gap from PS4 than specs. (Archived)
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