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I am looking at the games for the latest systems from each company... (Archived)Dorami111/29/2013
now that its out how do feel about the name of the xbox one? (Poll)jrr18111/29/2013
Now that you finally have it........... How satisfied are you with your XboxOne? (Poll)
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Is there a way to completely turn off the volume in the mic earpiece? (Archived)Cornbread4life111/29/2013
XBOX One, Midnight Doorbuster, In store only, Midnight local time. (Archived)MrZone511/29/2013
I really like how the volume rocker for the mono headset is by the controller (Archived)motoraptor111/29/2013
So how's the controller? (Archived)
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A video on how to get Xbox 360 headsets to work with Xbox One (Archived)leelloyd_y2k211/29/2013
soooooo i found an xbox one while lurking in walmart at 4am but..... (Archived)nonamesleft12811/29/2013
Why is it so big? (Archived)
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Better controller (Archived)crazyray47411/29/2013
UK markup is disgusting. (Archived)HENTAIDOJI211/29/2013
You know what's funny? (Archived)
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Would this work? (Archived)WSB_Masta211/29/2013
Why call the system Xbone? (Archived)
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Anyone have any awesome upload videos up yet? (GT Upload Studio Share thread) (Archived)
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Just got back from walmart . 3 xbox one were left and (Archived)
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Sweet just got one! (Archived)GravyButt511/29/2013
German charts for the Xbone lauch week!!! (Archived)
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Microsoft loses $45 on every Xbox One Sold (Archived)
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