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Mixed to Bad Reviews for Ryse: Son of Rome so far.. (Archived)
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Given this year's events and launch game review, think XB1 will outsell PS4? (Archived)TJ_UNLIMITED411/21/2013
Xbox One currently outselling PS4 in UK and Europe by vast numbers (Archived)
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REMINDER - Microsoft is pulling the day one patch to allow offline.... (Archived)
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Everyone in the UK..... (Archived)Panner211/21/2013
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Xbox/Microsoft services are DOWN. (Archived)
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When will the xbox one restock? (Archived)Gallusz311/21/2013
Anyone else find it funny that PS4 gamers hate titanfall now? (Archived)
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My dream future of gaming worlds...... (Archived)Road_Kill_666111/21/2013
Xbox One Exclusive Games, what are they? (Archived)killtacular30211/21/2013
It's funny, there is a 12% review difference between Ryse & Killzone... (Archived)
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microsoft is incapable of making a console that can move during play? (Archived)
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Meaningless achievements (Archived)
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Wish US would have gotten a free game too :( (Archived)
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