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I hope this console doesn't have all the problems the PS4 has had... (Archived)
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How many consoles will the XBOX 1 sell in Week 1? (Poll)Full Throttle111/20/2013
Why is this board half dead? (Archived)
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Was dead Rising 3 originally planned for the 360? (Archived)Izraeil811/20/2013
Better hardware or mandatory Kinect? (Poll)
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The cloud is going to be there for the launch.. (Archived)Parisinflames78411/20/2013
Xbox, go home. Xbox, go home. Xbox, go home. XBOX!!!! (Archived)
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Why does the microsoft store take so long for someone to answer (Archived)jpraelster511/20/2013
Fry's (Archived)archerr2700111/20/2013
Will they add an option to upgrade the internal HD? USB 3.0 is quite slow (Archived)
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Anyone know if Platinum EBGames members need to lineup early? (Archived)DesperateMonkey111/20/2013
just a little bit longer (Archived)
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Plan on going to Best Buy around 6 or 7pm? too late? (Archived)JMX_2005k511/20/2013
I can only buy one launch game. What should it be? (Archived)
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So I sold the PS4 and am getting an Xbox One mostly for the controller. (Archived)
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