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Wow, an article talking about the Good that can come from no more used games.... (Archived)
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Let's share a little bit about our gaming! (Archived)
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Do I have to pay fee for putting used movie disc into Xbox One and watching it? (Archived)Clausudoisback35/25/2013
How percent of people do you feel that WERE going to get a Xbox One are not now? (Poll)Garfield6435/25/2013
Let's play "Best Case Scenarios". (Archived)curtland55/25/2013
Think! If someone robs your house... (Archived)SazukeEX85/25/2013
This facebook post....the ignorance makes me rage. (Archived)
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Kinect with all Systems is good. (Archived)wolfwing55/25/2013
anyone remember the old ngage board when it was released? (Archived)ffxblak1215/25/2013
Xboners, which console are you going to get? (Poll)
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Here is biggest problem with the whole used game fiascal. (Archived)
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will xbox1 support online dating/social apps such as a4a, growlr facebook? (Archived)nivag_reivalk95/25/2013
Does the Wii U even have 15 exclusives yet? Xbox One has at least that at launch (Archived)
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Which stage is this board in currently? (Archived)fhsfootball7455/25/2013
Why are there two message boards for the Xbox 1? (Archived)OrangeCrush98055/25/2013
I'm getting an XBox One (Archived)
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What does the Xbox One need to be successful? (Archived)
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the European soocer champions leauge final earlier had an X1 advert (Archived)reptileegg75/25/2013
Does anyone know of Gamefly's stock after Microsoft's new console announcement? (Archived)Skeletor_61985/25/2013
Can we just call it 'Xbone' (Archived)
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