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yet another Indy look at the XBOX ONE (Archived)FallenLondon25/22/2013
X1 is actually a tool for the government, to further stupefy the populace. (Archived)Snorlax_exlax15/22/2013
Will the Xbox One stop you from playing if you obstruct the Kinect in any way? (Poll)Mr_Red_Herring35/22/2013
So it's official..the Dark Age of Gaming is upon us..brrr (Archived)macten515095/22/2013
Xbox Two!!! (Archived)DankAssSlurpee15/22/2013
Did Micheal Jackson predict the Xbox One years before Xbox? Watch this (Archived)nativeboi8555/22/2013
A few questions for people who are really paying attention to the XBox One. (Archived)Shy42035/22/2013
Just some indie dev responses to the reveal. (Archived)Monkey_Fu25/22/2013
What would the prices of PS4 and xbox1 have to be, for you to choose xbox one? (Poll)xtacb85/22/2013
I can see a lawsuit coming up over this console (Archived)iColeBlue15/22/2013
About exclusives for Xbox One (Archived)Lightthrower55/22/2013
So when is Microsoft going to reveal their new game console? (Archived)Flickerblink35/22/2013
Can we even call this a true console? (Archived)Lord Lu Bu15/22/2013
wait they can watch you chat on SKYPE? (Archived)Genericgamer66715/22/2013
ugliest looking console i've ever seen (Archived)trueChampion11135/22/2013
People in the armed forces bend over (Archived)Holy_Oblivion45/22/2013
microsoft points (Archived)poisonrules5615/22/2013
What happens to all the games once the Xbox One's online retires? (Archived)j_coat95/22/2013
Who's treating gamers worse right now, Microsoft or EA? (Poll)
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I don't give a damn if my friends have to pay to play my game (Archived)
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