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Astro A40 or A50?Xtremeclan710/30/2014
So Amazon is selling the Assassin's Creed Bundle for 349.99/449.99....Ryan Lewis710/30/2014
I know I discussed this before but we are in the Golden Age of gaming and Tech.
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What % of users on here do you think own xbox & ps4?jellybeanmaster510/30/2014
It's... So... Beautiful!!!Schutte15010210/30/2014
Not getting notifications for party or messagesPimp_C910/30/2014
Evolve Big Alpha Xbox OneGoregasm17210/30/2014
Which game had the most disastrous launch of the new gen?
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madcatz fightpad for xbox 360grimlock50810/30/2014
Can you use this hard drive for the Xbox One?ben10pokemon79410/30/2014
So why isnt GTA V confirmed to be 1080p on Xbox One yet? it has been for PS4
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"Indie games are the future of gaming innovation!"
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Any chat headset that cuts the cord btwn ctlr and headset?ave1310/30/2014
probaly a bad ideaVivaLaGinge310/30/2014
Xbox One services are just terrible. Constant disconnects, lagging chat, etc...
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Is the Sunset Overdrive Bundle sold out for good? gone? nothing left?
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Can an Xbox one use an external hdd yet?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Anyone getting advanced warfare on midnight?Schutte15010110/30/2014
liking the triggers and thumbsticks on my new Power A Mini X1 ctlrave1510/30/2014
I wouldn't be surprised if Insomniac Games stayed with Microsoft after sunset
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