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"Yeah the PS4's better than Xbox One with game related stuff, thats it" (Archived)Shovel_Break211/30/2013
Are there people who legitimately care about which system is better? (Archived)
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Gamestop in Lees Summit Mo has X1's in stock now (Archived)grampamurked311/30/2013
I predict a forced price drop if Ms plans to stay afloat. (Archived)knightimex1011/30/2013
I was at toys r Us I saw people walking out with Green Boxes in bags (Archived)ReggieBush09211/30/2013
Big Problem with Xbox One and PS4 (Archived)pepsiboy95620611/30/2013
Anything else I can try? Strict NAT and cant sign in to XBL (Archived)
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Graphical Comparison Between Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4. (Archived)
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Do you have to uninstall the games so they can work on someone else's Xbox? (Archived)shotgunheadshot311/30/2013
Microsoft teams up with Doritos And Mountain Dew to make you extra fat (Archived)
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Why they decided to do away with the old format of inviting friends is beyond me (Archived)Janpei1011/30/2013
can xbox one use voice commands to search the web? (Archived)Dying_Pheonix411/30/2013
Real talk time, where do you think PS4 and Xbox One sales stand now? (Archived)PhaseBlack611/30/2013
kicked to dashboard instantly after I click the game (Archived)PrettyBoyMarth411/30/2013
FIFA 14 PS4 vs. Xbox One Comparison (Archived)SuperSuikoden211/30/2013
Xbox One NAND Dumped; Console Hacked Soon Thereafter (Archived)
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C/D: Microsoft should stop treating the xbox one like a oversized tablet... (Archived)NightMareBunny211/30/2013
Surprise: Purchase intent polls show PS4 with a big lead over Xbox One :( (Archived)
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Just remember Xbros, it's not who starts the race the fastest, it's who finishes (Archived)
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Whats the next game to come out? (Archived)RoDanga511/30/2013