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Do you consider this board a good representation of X1s fanbase? (Poll)
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Congrats guys, we avoided the Trojan Horse of gaming (Archived)
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I know the original Kinect left a bad taste in our mouths... (Archived)
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One Xbox Gold account gives access to xbox live for everybody on that console? (Archived)
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Honestly, how much more can they change their minds? (Archived)
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Microsoft promises "exciting news" at Gamescom next week (Archived)
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If you could only pick up one game at lanuch which game would it be ? (Archived)Gambitbuzzkill78/13/2013
Comcast created X1 for their TV, will people confuse that with Xbox One? (Archived)jim20068/13/2013
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So essentially the Xbox One is a PS4? (Archived)
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So, is XBONE essentially just a Kickstarter project? (Archived)
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