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This is crazy, at my GS we've had almost 20 people with DOA systems (Archived)
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how do u see how much batterie is left in your controller (Archived)shads3055211/22/2013
When are you getting you disc drive problems...immediately or after a few games (Archived)Barash9700511/22/2013
MS cant get me a replacement till after turkey day.. WOW! (Archived)velvet_hammer411/22/2013
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Just wondering if people with drive problems were able to play any games... (Archived)Barash9700111/22/2013
Wouldnt it be awesome if they make it so (Archived)darkdeath03111/22/2013
Gamestop manager traded in his FREE Xbox One because he's such a Sony fanboy. (Archived)LamboNemo711/22/2013
I had to return my DOA console, anyone else? (Archived)sabrestorm511/22/2013
Someone at Microsoft needs to get fired (Archived)
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Battlefield 4 is the best fps I have ever played (Archived)
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By using hdmi pass-through with my Cable, Does xbox ...... (Archived)alangst211/22/2013
My BODY is ready for next gen... $39,999 UHDTV - $5000 OFF! (Archived)
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