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Do you believe that Microsoft has the best first-party games in the industry? (Archived)
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I want the white xbox one console (Archived)
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Congrats! (Archived)chitowngamer85311/21/2013
Xbox One is officially released. (Archived)Sakurafanboy211/21/2013
Now with x1 and ps4 both officially released, we are in the next gen.... (Archived)
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Disappointed there wasn't a Joey type moment :( (Archived)cyl26111/21/2013
couldn't buy from midnight launch at best buy, walmart, gamestop (Archived)MaryJHappy511/21/2013
Lightning Returns, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, Dark Souls (Archived)fan360911/21/2013
I know this is a silly complaint, but why the brick still? (Archived)
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does your xbox live gold carry over to xbox one? (Archived)B1GB0SS_861011/21/2013
Those buying an XB1 tonight... (Poll)dutch2099111/21/2013
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Party system. (Archived)ryyboy311/21/2013
Is this the most disappointing launch to date? (Archived)
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Mgs 5 to receive exclusive content too (Archived)BoomerHelll511/21/2013
The Xbox One disc is made of crystal once again, and is shiny. (Archived)TerraUniverse411/21/2013
A Message to you XBONE buyers from a PS4 owner (Archived)
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Tonight is the beginning of the end. (Archived)
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Stay golden X-Bros this is farewell for now! (Archived)Darkitachi54111/21/2013
Any Kinect placement solutions for Home Theaters yet? (Archived)skillfactor711/21/2013