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If Bill Gates was still the CEO would this have been any different? (Archived)darkphoenix18126/7/2013
Microsoft astroturfing (viraling) to counter negative criticism (Archived)
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dudebro shares his opinion on the Xbone (Archived)TreasureHunterG16/7/2013
escapist on microsoft recent update (Archived)SieKensou16/7/2013
Well, what little hope I had was crushed. (Archived)
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Xbox one name now makes sense after seeing this pic. (Archived)ChaosXero16/7/2013
There are two aspects of this system I find fishy... (Archived)B_Apple76/7/2013
The original Xbox and the X360 look cool. What the hell happened? (Archived)AncientAstro16/7/2013
Oh yay... more shooters (Archived)Jonnyd10826/7/2013
Is Xbox One the WORST ANTI-CONSUMER product ever? (Archived)
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What would you do if you were the CEO of Microsoft? (Archived)
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OMG! My Internet is down for three days! The end is near! (Archived)
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will this have cell phone pricing like they did with the xbox 360 last christmas (Archived)Nobo36/7/2013
Anyone know if the HDDs will be proprietary? (Archived)LICKWIDPAlN56/7/2013
You know what bothers me? (Archived)
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All the people claiming everyone is going to buy a Xbox One anyways (Archived)CricketJones36/7/2013
The only thing at this point that will make me buy an Xbox One... (Archived)leon_trunks46/7/2013
Monday is E3 & Xbox 1 will be first to die...(please read) (Archived)TheRobFish956/7/2013
Maybe Microsoft should listen to this guy after all... (Archived)Furikuri_flcl56/7/2013
I WAS actually confused about the name. (Archived)TroutPaste66/7/2013
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