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Worried my game room is too small for Kinect (Archived)zillazero15/21/2013
apparently the One can be made more powerful over time through the cloud (Archived)cloudrivera95/21/2013
Eurogamer Report (new update): Used games requiring a fee CONFIRMED (Archived)
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Im seeing negative comments about Xbox one but no deets. Explain please? (Archived)Mander186115/21/2013
The worst thing to happen since pepsi one? (Archived)nativeboi8555/21/2013
Something creepy about the kinect. (Archived)charey35/21/2013
I know why it's called the Xbox One. (Archived)
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Is Microsoft trying to kill off the game rental industry? (Archived)raimi_ace95/21/2013
Am i the only one who buys games instead of consoles? (Archived)
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I will admit one thing about this console. (Archived)NeoSamuel35/21/2013
I'd like to quote a relatively unknown japanese developer from pax this year (Archived)kazuya_mishima95/21/2013
Time to get used to be very careful when you buy games for the Xbox One (Archived)Dr Jackal95/21/2013
So it's like a generational score board... (Archived)cminc15/21/2013
this system really hurts gamestops illegal activities (Archived)Retroxgamer045/21/2013
Will you be able to rent Xbox One games? (Archived)G-Ziss15/21/2013
nintendo and sony stocks rise today (Archived)hydrocrush35/21/2013
Next gen looks like it'll be picking up right where this gen is leaving off (Archived)BigReed25/21/2013
Xbox One can trade games online? (Link) (Archived)Poopcorn1345/21/2013
Xbox One Reveal: Angry Rant (Archived)SomnusNemoris25/21/2013
Can't wait for all these new kinect exclusive games... (Archived)Vigrim15/21/2013
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