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XBOX ONE and....... SONY Betamax?? (Archived)SieKensou15/21/2013
The best thing about this is gamestop is gonna die. (Archived)
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Kinect required? What if you have a tiny room? (Archived)blingbling07825/21/2013
I hated it, I hated it so much. (Archived)HelmesSeifer25/21/2013
I'm gunna chalk this up as a Xbox win. (Archived)
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Ok, guess the standard edition Price (Archived)ShinCougar105/21/2013
Where can I watch the conference (Archived)BlueGaryOak55/21/2013
XBOX One aiming to be the NEXT GENs WII (Archived)NeoMonk25/21/2013
When is Microsoft going to reveal their new game console? (Archived)fhsfootball7455/21/2013
why are people so impressed by the tv feature? (Archived)SieKensou45/21/2013
Is this the new Xbox One? (Archived)Newnie25/21/2013
chances people change their minds that ONE sucks after E3? (Archived)MWG_FICTION45/21/2013
Potential flaw in Xbox One.. (Archived)
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Could the "Not always online" be a lie? (Archived)_Final_Phoenix_35/21/2013
Now that the One is announced, what system do you plan on getting (Poll)
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Kinect required for Xbox One? (Archived)orestes198135/21/2013
Holy crap, having multiple windows open is the most innovative **** ever!!!!!!! (Archived)MGS5PhantomPain15/21/2013
Xbox One is a stupid name. (Archived)
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Killer Instinct 3 (Archived)Focusflute35/21/2013
iJustine is the only person that's excited for this console. (Archived)DarcKage15/21/2013
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