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Why did they even bother to show the Xone if they didn't have anything to show? (Archived)Jtrunks35/21/2013
So what was revealed? (Archived)
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I'm not sold, i'm repelled. (Archived)pixel37815/21/2013
Absolutely brilliant, I love the One (Archived)JediBoB10125/21/2013
Driveclub>Forza 5 (Archived)MilesTeg42015/21/2013
So, that was terrible. (Archived)BIGGESTPS3FAN95/21/2013
Forza 5?!? On my Xbox 1?!?!? (Archived)Kanjo_Bazooie45/21/2013
So are we going to call this Xbox "The One"? (Archived)im_a_legend35/21/2013
weak hardware (Archived)smelly_boob65/21/2013
So I can open a web browser as I watch a movie? (Archived)Cable_mvc245/21/2013
With what we know right now where will MS finish this upcoming gen? (Poll)fhsfootball7445/21/2013
Sony stock up 9%, huge spike over the last hour. (Archived)jubjub_2845/21/2013
so backwards compadibilty dies this gen great (Archived)tiamat99955/21/2013
The console is glossy! (Archived)DerekRoss25/21/2013
Saw absolutely nothing interesting. (Archived)vigorm0rtis75/21/2013
"Gameplay": I do not think that word means what you think it means (Archived)
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twitch stream (new stuff from MS) will be up soon i think (Archived)rb1000135/21/2013
32 Minutes before the first "gameplay video" (Archived)NeoMonk15/21/2013
XBOX: A New Generation Revealed Part 2 (Archived)
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I don't care about TV, Sports, and movies... (Archived)FirelanderX45/21/2013
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