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Get in the Xone, the auto-Xone! (Archived)HELZERO25/23/2013
This thing is gonna put me in the poor house (Archived)Atomisk9935/23/2013
Best GIF I Have found that talks about the Xbox Done: (Archived)
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One thing and one thing only will make me buy an X1. (Archived)
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Im thinking about going with this instead of the X1 (Archived)paradicio1215/23/2013
Hitler Reacts To Xbox One (Archived)
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EA got rid of the online passes... (Archived)
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Please stop comparing the Xbox One to a DVR! (Archived)TalentedM85/23/2013
Aww yeaah Xbox One Controller (Archived)digitalwill200035/23/2013
The 10 Xbox One Commandments. (Archived)Big_Isaac45/23/2013
Hope you don't like your current Headset with Mic. (Archived)Rayden-Jolteon15/23/2013
Anyone else here NOT freaking out yet? (Archived)steelix5535/23/2013
I got it! If you want to sell used games make a new profile for every new game. (Archived)
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XBOX One. Voice command (Archived)LordRaziel25/23/2013
battlefield 4 (Archived)Decepticon8975/23/2013
The PS4 has won the 1st battle, but there is still a long war ahead. (Archived)
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Before the reveal. did you expect it to be this bad (Archived)
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Is the kinect still going to act as a mic in online games? (Archived)old_school22725/23/2013
I'm totally getting a CDi after this. (Archived)CrystalKing542655/23/2013
Xbox reveal summed up in 1 minute & 40 seconds. (Archived)
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