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im curious to xboxone supporters what will be your deal breaker to switch? (Archived)
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My 360 has been connected to the net since the day I bought it (Archived)
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Xbox One will be the COD of systems (Archived)jasonkingmark15/22/2013
I don't like Harrisons' use of the word "Permission." (Archived)scrappybristol105/22/2013
Let's discuss the fake applauses... (Archived)
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So you literally won't be able to play a HALO game on an XBOX ONE at launch. (Archived)
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What Kaz Hirai thinks of the X1 reveal (Archived)supermoc1045/22/2013
TV is the best game on the system (Archived)Inedible_Pizza85/22/2013
TV, TV, Television, TV, watch TV, TV, TV, Television, TV, TV, TV, TV, watch TV (Archived)
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Xbox One will have 15 exclusives, 8 new franchises at launch (Archived)
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Do you think this console will flop? (Poll)OmegaPillow45/22/2013
Truth about the new Xbox (Archived)Senel_11765/22/2013
500 GB Hard Drive?!? Thats it (Archived)
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Was Microsoft competing against Google and Apple instead of Sony? (Archived)zerooriginal65/22/2013
if comcast told me i could play next gen games on my cable box (Archived)Devil Wolf25/22/2013
Nintendo and Sony respond o the Xbox One (Archived)Lord_Kagato45/22/2013
What is the likely amount of japanese support well get (Archived)deimos9155/22/2013
C/D You give no @#%&s on the naming of Xbox One (Poll)zerooriginal25/22/2013
Could this make watching sports/tv better.... (Archived)saleama35/22/2013
Hilarious and accurate Xbox One Reveal 2013 Highlights (Archived)
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