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GS: "X1 reveal 60 minutes of silence" (Archived)
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Which console is RIGHT for you? (Poll)NeoMonk95/21/2013
Which is worse: Capcom's On-disc DLC or Microsoft's Second-hand Fees? (Poll)blazeUP1295/21/2013
Achievement Hunters - How do you feel right now? (Archived)jorgestevenson75/21/2013
If your serious about JRPGS, Xbox One is not for you (Archived)
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The actual console is ugly. (Archived)pixel37825/21/2013
One question ? (Archived)foochew35/21/2013
After seeing reveal I've decided what system to get (Archived)Judgmentday0915/21/2013
X Poll: Are you buying the Xbox One? (Poll)Jx1010105/21/2013
I don't think anyone has mentioned how much this is probably gonna cost (Archived)iKhanic45/21/2013
You thought tht was bad?. (Archived)Gothmogz105/21/2013
joes my hero (Archived)SonicLink200815/21/2013
No used games confirmed, always online for certain single player games confirmed (Archived)
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If you missed reveal today this video tells it all in 1.5 minutes. (Archived)
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How will people lift this thing?? (Archived)b1gt0ne95/21/2013
Love the XBOX "Ex-Girlfriend" (Archived)
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Wanted to send out an apology regarding defending the xbox one earlier (Archived)
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How many peoole are going to buy this? (Archived)
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PS4's not that bad. (Archived)varunsethrocks75/21/2013
So who is going to win the next generation! Xbox One or one of the other two? (Poll)Garfield6425/21/2013
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