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Breaking news! Hyperion buys Xbox One Design Patent (Archived)Phoenix624865/23/2013
About the whole "One" moniker - for games (Archived)Jerk_Beefy15/23/2013
Xbox one actually sounds like an impressive next-gen console... (Archived)iamjosh30875/23/2013
Xbox One will be cheaper than 360's opening price. (Archived)
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This board reminds me of DmC board (Archived)
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Has Anyone Seen Terminator?! (Archived)Blazakenki85/23/2013
It is not a console it is a cable box (Poll)LoveSheep15/23/2013
Am I the only person on this board with a smart tv? (Archived)Erroneous_Snake85/23/2013
that awkward time of year (pre-E3) (Archived)LotrMorgoth25/23/2013
is 500 to much for this. (Archived)
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Any Youtube Video Or Other Links Of Full Xbox One Reveal Yet? (Archived)turtles123695/23/2013
Did they come out and say they were just putting us on yet? (Archived)Gunvalkyrie255/23/2013
At E3,will Microsoft spend more time explaining their policies or showing games? (Archived)SparkItUp85/23/2013
How are people not realizing you are being tricked into buying Digital Only game (Archived)Garfield6415/23/2013
It depresses me to think that this horrible console might actually sell well... (Archived)
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After seeing the new hexbox is this video accurate (Archived)Kir__Kanos15/23/2013
One Ring To Rule Them All... (Archived)
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Soo this sums up the Xbox one? (Archived)TaKun782105/23/2013
How will Microsoft justify this? (Archived)
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Xbone name gaining popularity among intelligent 20-somethings... (Archived)
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