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Voice activation problem. (Archived)wiseguy10095/21/2013
The kinect is the mark of the BEAST!!!! (Archived)falcon71255/21/2013
I wasn't that far off was I? Xbox One prediction! (Archived)SomnusNemoris55/21/2013
Would your friends buying this sway your decision to purchase? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Why do people think this will hurt Gamestop? (Archived)vgsrule15/21/2013
Will the Xbox One play Xbox one games? (Archived)protools198345/21/2013
Microsoft reaction? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Microsoft crafted the perfect controller, can we use it on the Xbox 360? (Archived)levyjl198845/21/2013
So I'm guessing XBOX ONE will have a different Xbox Live marketplace. (Archived)levyjl198825/21/2013
If the new games are linked to your account.... (Archived)SirisS-G-P25/21/2013
Will this console fail before it is even released? (Archived)Bubble_Butt45/21/2013
Anyone else scared of the potential failure rate of this new system? (Archived)CADE FOSTER105/21/2013
NO fee for used games. (Archived)Dman_15105/21/2013
Water cooler... ? (Archived)
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Can someone provide a link where a Microsoft official actually says (Archived)God_of_Gore25/21/2013
Phil Harrison: Thinking about the PS3 launch, it feels good being with Xbox (Archived)Shovel_Break15/21/2013
Well looks like i'm done with microsoft. (Archived)rockstar28105/21/2013
3D games / Bluray? (Archived)Diesel9515/21/2013
Still harping on TV??....TV show some CGI, more TV, more TV, more TV, again TV (Archived)xtacb75/21/2013
Do you guys predict Microsoft will sell the Xbox One at a loss? (Poll)Solnot45/21/2013
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