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So, is the government camera still required? (Archived)
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New Link478/12/2013
Has MS said anything about retail games being available on the market place (Archived)spemsha38/12/2013
buying an xbone is now an option for me. (Archived)elbarto148/12/2013
No Kinnect needed to play...but we're still going to make you buy it anyway. (Archived)n0matter68/12/2013
So the xb1 isn't DRM free right? (Archived)
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X1 users cannot voice chat to 360 users (Archived)yanksfan424758/12/2013
Would you rather have an oculus rift packed in every Xbox One SKU? (Archived)Jim20058/12/2013
Microsoft has lost their charm, Its a shame to watch a company throw it all away (Archived)corcoran_chris68/12/2013
Would you get the Xbox One this year or early next year if $399 (Archived)Hucast978/12/2013
Which launch title should be my third? (Poll)horror_spooky48/12/2013
Honest Question (Archived)
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I'm afraid Microsoft will backpedal so far they'll do a 360 and bring drm back. (Archived)ThunderPotato108/12/2013
With the recent drop of the Kinect requirment, would you buy for $400 (Archived)Countryboy259358/12/2013
Xbox One = Playstation 4 (Archived)OmgitsMario108/12/2013
Now that Kinect don't need to be plugged in, are you guys still buying XBOX ONE? (Poll)Solnot68/12/2013
Fox Sports 1... XBox One connection maybe? (Archived)IcyFlamez9658/12/2013
Was it all a marketing ploy? (Poll)lazycomplife98/12/2013
XBOX ONE backlash has been 'unfair', says Peter Molyneux (Archived)Solnot28/12/2013
Microsoft Reverses Xbox One Kinect Policy, Gamers Can Now Unplug Motion Sensor (Archived)Solnot88/12/2013
Why did Microsoft lie about Titanfall being an Xbox One exclusive? (Archived)
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