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There's a serious risc that the PS4 will go down along with the Xbox One: (Archived)Nikra55/31/2013
X1 comcast vs X1 ms (Archived)Alphonius65/31/2013
Could someone please explain the math to me? About the cloud vs xbox one users (Archived)CricketJones45/30/2013
What's the point of keeping achievements? (Archived)blablablax1735/30/2013
If anyone hasn't seen this yet!! (Archived)Xism85/30/2013
Kinect 2 can track your heatbeat and emotional states... but why? (privacy) (Archived)
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We must all unite (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
We should start calling the XB One the... (Archived)Sinfullyvannila75/30/2013
Is this a fair way to allow used games? (Archived)
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What if MS gave the Xbox One different personalities? (Archived)Raven23625/30/2013
If X1 could provide cable tv withou the need of COX I would probably day 1 this. (Archived)knightimex105/30/2013
Hopefully at E3 MS gives more details about their exclusive, ground breaking (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w25/30/2013
Wil the TV shows be part of the Xbox Live Gold or highest package? (Archived)Jim20055/30/2013
What do you actually care about? (Poll)firegod6995/30/2013
they DID talk about games (Archived)
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Forbes believes that there was a positive reaction to the Xbox One reveal (Archived)
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They should put a red light on top of the kinect and give it the HAL voice (Archived)Silent Sniper IV35/30/2013
Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Be-all / End-all (Poll)THMBZDownGNZUp55/30/2013
Xbox One vs Playstation 4: The definitive poll!! (Poll)
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So they're going to shove ads down our throat and still charge for Live (Archived)
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