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Abridged X1 announcement (not the tvtvtv one) (Archived)master_gamr123115/23/2013
I Just Want a Gaming Console (Archived)
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Idea, share games using a photo of the account holder? (Archived)Alnilam8195/23/2013
how do I become an Xbox One ambassador? (Archived)TheApd_Returns85/23/2013
Used games and lending - a different idea? (Archived)
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To those who think the used game fee is ok (Archived)
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Xbox One vs. Sega Saturn (Poll)fawfulmark235/23/2013
All the confirmed games so far (Archived)razer32635/23/2013
Reason behind the 24 hours check. (Archived)Gothmogz25/23/2013
People is not mad at the tv features. (Archived)Gothmogz45/23/2013
Now, let's talk about the good stuff (Archived)RickGotti65/23/2013
Looks like I might not be finishing the fight afterall.... (Archived)ProfessorChaos715/23/2013
Major Nelson On the The Xbox One (Archived)
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How to disable Kinect, top secret stuff (Archived)
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Xbox one seems like some kinda sick parody. (Archived)Revolver6515/23/2013
Can we just create a universal account within the gaming community to bypass... (Archived)Hashshashin_55/23/2013
Xbox One to be named Xbox Juan in Mexico. (Archived)MrDrippy45/23/2013
Hold on a second here(about backwards compatibility...) (Archived)gobiknight85/23/2013
So first two exclusives (Archived)Gothmogz95/23/2013
Am I one of the minority here that won't be affected by Xbox One's problems? (Archived)
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