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XboxOne? More like XboxTV. (Archived)Umitencho25/21/2013
Is ms bluffing with all this bad news? (Archived)Murderstorm11765/21/2013
Sony's Stock went up 9% INSTANTLY after Xbox One reveal. (Archived)BorgOnization1355/21/2013
Can't play any game without going online first? Are rural users out of luck? (Archived)ZeroRaider55/21/2013
So, which is your favorite XBOX design? (Poll)wackyteen45/21/2013
What was your reaction in gif/pic form towards todays press conference? (Archived)Hidden_Is_Back55/21/2013
Nothing will change at E3 (Archived)Cadeler95/21/2013
At least we can use external hard drives.... (Archived)blablablax1715/21/2013
Is the HDD built in? (Archived)athomas91795/21/2013
So long ya stupid Input button!!! (Archived)crosby65532115/21/2013
Xbox One will be sold (Archived)protools198325/21/2013
I don't see the problem with the whole used games fee. (Archived)
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Can any one please explain why they called this xbox one? (Archived)
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I've been away for a few hours... (Archived)vgsrule15/21/2013
microsoft has apologized (Archived)robert2115/21/2013
Xbox One? More like Xbox Done. (Archived)ItIsAPsyBorg25/21/2013
Xbox One: Official Technical Problems Thread (Archived)TheKing01225/21/2013
No matter what the specs/games are.... (Archived)Arcadia1275/21/2013
-Xbox, open Internet Explorer. (Archived)Vigrim65/21/2013
This board went to hell. (Archived)Dev44565/21/2013
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