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Tell me, what apps do you even use on Xbox Live? (Archived)
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What I don't get is you guys now decided to complain about paywalling... (Archived)ItIsOkBro78/8/2013
What type of rechargeable battery works with XOne controllers, NiMh or NiCd? (Archived)Jim20058/8/2013
Skype is from Microsoft so... (Archived)chocombo68/8/2013
What kind of magic is powering the Kinect 2.0? (Archived)MetroidFan999998/8/2013
How different would the One be if.. (Archived)Iceman8338/8/2013
Xbox Live is like a night club... (Archived)Iceman8378/8/2013
Day one digital exclusive code? (Archived)SuperHoneyBunny58/8/2013
So do I need to get a play and charge kit if I want to play wireless? (Archived)Jim20078/8/2013
I'm here because I want Microsoft to change their ways (Archived)
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XB1 not going to have 12G - Albert Penello confirms (Archived)
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only one reason I choose xbox over ps4 (Archived)
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Need help finding a good TV? (Archived)supermoc1098/8/2013
What's changed since the reveal, and what's left to do a "180" on? (Archived)MilesTeg42048/8/2013
Rumble Triggers... (Archived)Dev44598/8/2013
Ok, so will Microsoft allow gamers to save gameplay video to the HDD? (Archived)Ramsus08248/8/2013
So much crying, it's pathetic (Archived)
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Buy the XBone, for $500 plus tax, get a free headset!! (Archived)drclaeys88/8/2013
Is MS losing faith in it's own product? (Archived)
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RROD won't be an issue.. (Archived)
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