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I really just cant stand the name....like at all (Archived)HappyBull15/22/2013
Totally vindicated and why the digital content age is garbage (Archived)RPGNinja12315/22/2013
so this is what watchdogs is about right? (Archived)Genericgamer66715/22/2013
I have a smart phone (Archived)duces9killa85/22/2013
the sadness (Archived)Zeta889015/22/2013
Giant Enemy Crab vs. Call of Duty dog (Archived)Genericgamer66735/22/2013
Xbox One already dead in the water? (Archived)FreedomSlave65/22/2013
This is how Skynet starts doesn't it (Archived)
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Xbox One Reveal summed up in one visual (Work place safe) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Welp, have fun waiting on your ripoff machine boys. My next gen starts nao! (Archived)protools198325/22/2013
Technically used games will cost more than new ones? (Archived)
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So can we just show our credit cards to kinect? (Archived)lordmickey35/22/2013
Peter Molyneux explains the Xbox One (Archived)
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Kinect microphone: ALWAYS ON! (Archived)
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No Offence to X-Box fans.... (Archived)Raven23645/22/2013
Jimmy Fallon briefly talks about xbox1, also M$ listening in on personal Skype (Poll)
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Remember OG XBOX and 360 designs and features? How gamer-centric they were? (Archived)dionysis120015/22/2013
Why didn't they use the controller? (Archived)
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Official: Microsoft will CHARGE you by people in the room (Archived)Jx101085/22/2013
Does the PS4 have Facial Detection? (Archived)zh_jiaming65/22/2013
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