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The best defense for the used games thing seems to be "Sony might do it too" (Archived)
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Would you bite if the One was priced at $299? (Archived)
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Doesn't MS think its kind of a waste of time.. (Archived)UnboundAbyss15/22/2013
so joker are you going to buy xbox one? (Archived)tiamat99925/22/2013
Can PS4 match X1 at fish moving technology? (Archived)abbeldydoo105/22/2013
If I play games naked (only sometimes) (Archived)
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Xbox movie Xbox game Xbox movie Xbox music Xbox movie Xbox game (Archived)Mander186175/22/2013
they should at least try to make the xbla games backwards compatible (Archived)
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Wow. stop whining. (Archived)
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Xbox Live fee still required.... (Archived)Lightthrower15/22/2013
Don Mattrick is just as condescendingly elitist as Adam Orth. (Archived)THMBZDownGNZUp55/22/2013
Is there an official abbreviation for the system? (Archived)Auction Sniper65/22/2013
British tv series Black mirror (Archived)nis75025/22/2013
This SUMS it up perfectly!! (Archived)Jonbazookaboz55/22/2013
So who's head is gonna roll at MS??? (Archived)ManInGorillaSut65/22/2013
So who literally cannot use the One, based on what we know? (Archived)MlREFOX25/22/2013
you've got to admit even if angry Joe might be blowing stuff out of proportion.. (Archived)dadkwashere65/22/2013
What will Microsoft Japan do to help out XBOX 1? (Archived)THE_PS1_PATRIOT45/22/2013
Assuming that the statements about used games are true... (Archived)EnvoyJRH65/22/2013
Microsoft registers "Xbox Fitness" domain (Archived)
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