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$60 retail games, and then they get insttalled to own account? (Archived)
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Who is buying the Xbox one for the achievements? (Poll)matt-nicklin45/27/2013
Which Of These Old Microsoft IPs Would You Like To See Announced For The Xbone? (Poll)
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I feel bad for Halo fans (Archived)Jx1010105/27/2013
So if I'm playing my games naked (Archived)Dark_SilverX65/27/2013
How is this thing even going to get any of the market share in other areas (Archived)S_Fox15/27/2013
I don't know why I'm doing this, but the one positive thing that caught my eye. (Archived)Lilithian_V85/27/2013
Microsoft boast 4K and blu-ray. (Archived)
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Are companies profitting off of used games really such a bad thing? (Archived)
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Sony DRM will parody Microsoft (Archived)
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xbox one is region locked? (Archived)
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If the generation following this coming one, had upgradeable consoles... (Archived)
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Only if all Xbox One exclusives were available on the PC... (Archived)triple s35/27/2013
Xbox one (Archived)Bisolar55/27/2013
If MS messes up at E3 (Archived)Raven23635/27/2013
Will Xbone recognize the command "On Screen" (Archived)
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Let's do a little math. (Archived)gjc200735/27/2013
I understand why folks are mad about used games..... but why is no one blaming.. (Archived)Perma-n00b85/27/2013
cable box one? (Archived)Oneillxs15/27/2013
So is this system as bad as they say? (Archived)
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