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Xbox One is a secret agent (Archived)youshallbeasgod15/22/2013
So since our old headsets won't work with this... (Archived)MlREFOX55/22/2013
Would Digital Rentals be Possible? (Archived)
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So are you excited to watch TV on this thing?? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Wait... won't some people think that this is a re-release of the original Xbox? (Archived)MarioMan84725/22/2013
Should I watch TV now? (Archived)vgsrule45/22/2013
For Those Of You Who Want To Get An Xbox One, When Are You Getting It? (Poll)Transdude25/22/2013
Coining this right now: Xbox One == the X-bOne (Archived)professoroflies85/22/2013
The "wait until e3!" argument is BS (Archived)
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Idea to Get Around Kinect (Archived)
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They were here first (Archived)King__Discord15/22/2013
I'm Bill Gate (Archived)Snorlax_exlax55/22/2013
What if you need Xbxo gold to play a game on another console? (Archived)656stooge35/22/2013
If Microsoft are the Philistines, and Xbox One is Goliath... (Archived)the_old_days95/22/2013
Apparently the Xbox One's reveal united SONY and Nintendo fanboys (Archived)
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Let's come up with Xbox One Slogans. (Archived)
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inserts borrowed game into XboxO (Archived)123ericn25/22/2013
Jrpg on xbox one. (Archived)Gothmogz75/22/2013
How cheap would this thing have to be for you to consider a purchase? (Archived)
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Can some show me were MS stated ALL games have to be installed? (Archived)WhiteSkull65/22/2013
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