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When did video game consoles become about stuff that aren't video games? (Archived)Wyrmwarrior555/22/2013
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Buying an Xbox One Y/N (Poll)
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I'm really scared for the next generations of consoles (Archived)
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GameFly is dead, lending games to friends... also dead (Archived)EvilTrash95/22/2013
Odd lighting in CoD trailer. (Archived)fhsfootball7495/22/2013
This about sums the xbox one up (Archived)
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Fantasy Sports (Archived)fuzi1145/22/2013
dont want drm, forced cd download, or needing to go online for sync every24hr? (Archived)
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Does Anyone Actually Support This Stuff? (Archived)Gigant0pithecus65/22/2013
xbox one seems like it will be the atari jaguar of the next gen (Archived)Sandman2525197515/22/2013
Please don't refer to this new Xbox as "the One" in normal conversations (Archived)DemonKiller00785/22/2013
Even if you dont care about tv, those features will take 3 out of 8 gigs of ram (Archived)
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Serious Question (Archived)ghost14095/22/2013
Yo Dawg (Archived)Logan28945/22/2013
Systems with more than 1 gamer tag (Archived)ssaopi235/22/2013
Voice Command Question (Archived)Anchient55/22/2013
Do you think MS will change it up (Archived)deimos9145/22/2013
So is used game registration tied to gamer tag? (Archived)James_Upton55/22/2013
Xbox One is bringing Rare games back from the dead (Archived)
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