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Which of the major issues bothers you the most? (Archived)
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Xbox One Store is coming - trade in digital games, rentals and more (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
No one has asked about batteries. (Archived)aj4x94105/25/2013
How many members of your family taken hostage would it take (Archived)UltraVi0lence35/25/2013
Poll: What excites you most about Xbox One? (Poll)
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Real Concerns About Xbox One (Archived)
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I can't wait for the Xbox One! (Archived)Undead_Paladin15/25/2013
Hey MS, whats the thought process in being considerably less powerful than the.. (Archived)
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If the Xbox One is sentient, is it morally or ethically acceptable to sell them? (Archived)DiminutiveData15/25/2013
Probing your mind (Archived)Darkotsu75/25/2013
WHAT IF Scenario: Microsoft Forces Everyone To Buy An Xbox One (Archived)ECOsvaldo95/25/2013
I thoroughly don't understand Microsoft's scattered response to the Xbox One. (Archived)
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The difference between lacking resale on consoles and PC... (Archived)
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Xbox One!? (Archived)Echidneys105/25/2013
. Is it online once every 24hrs to play or online to only authenticate game (Archived)
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XB1 vs. Ps4 vs. Wii u (Poll)THE_WTF_PANDA65/25/2013
You can't fool the Kinect by placing a towel over it... (Archived)IcyFlamez9655/25/2013
XBox One the one box to rule them all or "all in one" (Archived)tyrant615/25/2013
If I sell my car, I don't owe the car manufacturer a cut of it so why does (Archived)
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Some rumored X1 games coming to e3 (Archived)DerekRoss75/25/2013
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