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Game Developers are gonna side with Xbox now. (Archived)Falco422425/21/2013
Want to know why they call it the Xbox One? (Archived)
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Reason behind the name. (Archived)BaconPancakes95/21/2013
Can the X1 survive with only the American market? (Archived)Fr33z85/21/2013
Are you excited for the... (Archived)Second_Hokage55/21/2013
microsoft's stocks drop, Sony's rise 8% (Archived)Albtraum1345/21/2013
Xbox One is absolutely NOT future proof. (Archived)muffinmasher95/21/2013
Lets Boycott Microsoft (Archived)
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CashMonster "get outta my Xbox"! (Archived)darkhare15/21/2013
Does anyone know of any Microsoft 'On'e consumer feedback options? (Archived)Atalalama55/21/2013
I don't care about the Online requirement, but no used games is dumb. (Archived)GoombaX25/21/2013
My friend just dropped this on me... (Archived)laurencium45/21/2013
XBlock wouldve been a better name (Archived)macten515015/21/2013
Tuesday is going to break all evil hearts (glimpse of new HALO) (Archived)
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So this is a TV AND a VHS? (Archived)MishimaBlood15/21/2013
From a Nintendo fan, my condolences xbox fans (Archived)
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You know why they call it Xbox One (Archived)darklink101745/21/2013
Anyone else unhappy with the new controller? (Archived)
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micro**** pls (Archived)darklink101745/21/2013
Question about online accounts, xbox360 and xbox1 (Archived)Shaminardrgn35/21/2013
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