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Sony stock up 9 percent after XboxOne reveal! (Archived)the_real_one45/21/2013
Honestly, not going to believe anything for the first couple days (Archived)robert2165/21/2013
Is Steam a publicly traded company? Because now might be the time to buy stock. (Archived)
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Xbox One MUST connect to the internet to activate ALL GAMES (Archived)
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Hmmmmmm... Anyone else wondering.... (Archived)rwfan2c75/21/2013
Kinect is mandatory, required to be plugged in for Xbox Wan to operate (Archived)
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Could someone fill me in on the details of this console? (Archived)MrNoobMan105/21/2013
Xbox 1 already dead in the water on arrival? (Archived)
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Why didn't they go digital-only? (Archived)Dersu_Uzala95/21/2013
So i guess i'll be getting rid of my GAMEFLY subscription. (Archived)unclekoolaid7355/21/2013
The only gripe that kills this console for me is the fee to play "used" games (Archived)Demigod_Elessar25/21/2013
NO BUZZ at all (Archived)playdatpsp9145/21/2013
Xbox One??? No, Microsoft DONE!! (Archived)
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Is there anyone who is actually looking forward to this thing? (Archived)FF8vsEverything15/21/2013
So is there any reason to take this over a pc? (Archived)reincarnator0725/21/2013
I have "permission" to play a game I bought. (Archived)
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I like how its PS4 VS XBOX 360, but yall are still sleeping on the (Archived)
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Really disappointed in the New XBOX One (Archived)spikes147115/21/2013
The fee... (Archived)moogle14025/21/2013
Topic to end the Used game fee (Archived)
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