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[Gamespot] Living room entertainment device -vs- Video game console first (Archived)kyncani25/31/2013
so i guess xbox isn't about home entertainment now (Archived)Hidan62355/31/2013
We don't have all the info yet! (Archived)Sevi_ney75/31/2013
Ok guys, there's a lot of hate for X1 and that's deserved no argument.... (Archived)
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How is the 'New' used game policy any different from what we previously heard? (Archived)BraveDogBFG25/31/2013
Fanboy trying to defend the xbox one! (Archived)Frostedtempest25/31/2013
So, if at E3 MS shows a load of Kinect games and time exclusive games. (Archived)
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jon davis335/31/2013
DA3 possibly exclusive to X1 (Archived)
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Xbox one prices at amazon UK (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So Xbox Live sign-in is broken right now, imagine in 6 months if we have DRM (Archived)attackslug35/31/2013
You know I just can't start my day (Archived)Sevi_ney35/31/2013
Buying a WIi-U and boycotting PS4/X1 is the only way to save gaming. (Archived)gamingman4375/31/2013
You know what the Kinect could be really good for? Horror games (Archived)reptyle10135/31/2013
are games really 100 bucks? (Archived)hunter0023145/31/2013
What is more played out: Halo or COD? (Archived)gamingman4395/31/2013
Why are you here? (Archived)
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Comcast probably just killed MS. X1 platform? (Archived)
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from PS2 to Xbox 360 (Archived)Cosmic_Diabetic55/31/2013
are devs greedy? (Archived)Hidan62345/31/2013
Any other industry that is dying because of "used" goods? (Archived)ChronoAce45/31/2013
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