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As the XBOX One boards goes thru the 5 Stages (Archived)NeoMonk35/21/2013
Specs? (Archived)BaconPancakes15/21/2013
God the news about used games keeps getting more convoluted (Archived)robert2155/21/2013
Forza 5 is a system seller for me (Archived)
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So is there any reason to buy the One? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Can anything save the One? (Archived)VGAddict9025/21/2013
What are the pros and cons of the XBox One? (Archived)
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Everyone's general reacton to the Mandatory Online connection (Archived)fawfulmark235/21/2013
Don't know what to do, PS4 or Xbox One both similar CPUs, but different RAM. (Archived)Dye_Ultralite4585/21/2013
i wonder if gamestop will boycott (Archived)arstos85/21/2013
I find it funny.. (Archived)ExplicitxLEMUR25/21/2013
You see how the Xbox One was bulky as hell? That means more power! (Archived)AncientAstro45/21/2013
Seriously, what does the Xbox One do that an Xbox 360 couldn't do through apps? (Archived)TastyKittyMMMM85/21/2013
The Xbox One reveal must be extra sour for people outside of the USA (Archived)r7gerrabbit75/21/2013
You can play at a friends house but only on your account. (Archived)Kovalchuk_45/21/2013
Xbox One, huh? (Archived)Numbuh10015/21/2013
is it safe to assume that the PlayStation 4 will outsell the Xbox One? (Archived)
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Not that I'm not enjoying the trainwreck... (Archived)Dark Young Link65/21/2013
You'd almost thing the X1 was an April fools joke or something. (Archived)crabman35/21/2013
which one out of: Wii U Xbox One PS4 (Poll)S_Fox75/21/2013
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